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Are you looking for a web based whiteboard solution for your business? We are here to help you. Our whiteboard is ideal for companies and individuals to share their screen to remote client.

Rand Technologies provide online tutoring web solutions to individuals and companies. Our online tutoring system lets the tutors to provide live classes to students, irrespective of their locations where both parties. Online Tutoring System allows users to share their screen and feel like as if they are in a class room. Please visit online tutoring website : .

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Features of Virtual Tutor:

  • Share Screen and Presentation
  • Share Video Files
  • Write on Whiteboard
  • Write Mathematical notations
  • Erase and Draw using brush tool
  • Share PDF files through video
  • Minor corrections
  • Text Highlighter
  • Fill Color, Shapes,Graph
  • Clear Board
  • Chat, Audio and Video