Smart CCE CBSE Software

Smart CCE

Smart CCE is a Comprensive Software Program developed as per CBSE guidelines to manage student data and co-ordinate academic activities with the help of Information Technology. This complete assessment is done according to the academic format of Report Card for each class which includes grades and mark system, and helps in preparing Report Cards based on CBSE CCE from Std 1 to Std X.

Features of Smart CCE

  • Student Attendance and Mark details are uploaded into report card automatically
  • Saves time in calculation, makrs conversion, rechecking, writing descriptive indicators writeup and tabulation on a single click
  • Require minimal training to use the software
  • Inbuild CCE calendar with assessment dates and dealines in the system
  • Optimize the available time for productive work
  • Easy to assign and assess Co-scholastic grades, Health details and Attendance
  • Easy access to exam related information
  • Effortless retrieval of student profile and other data
  • Automatic conversion of marks into grades
  • Automated processing of Descripting Indicators
  • Help feature for incomplete data entry.
  • Result Analysis for various Grades and Grade Points in multiple combinations
  • Report cards / Progress report as per the CBSE guidelines and format with up-scaling of Grades, School logo, student photograph and personalized student data

  • Easy to use and cost effective
  • Extremely user-friendly. So that the teachers, who are not computer proficient, can also use without any difficulty
  • Serves up-to 90% of teacher's valuable time in the entire process, as only the marks have to be filled in
  • Capable of handling Greades, Teacher's Remarks and Descriptive Indicators automatically
  • Provides spearate fully automated templates to conduct Formative Assessment (FA) & Summative Assessment (SA)
  • Facility to add the subjects, sub subjects, grades and descriptive indicators as per CBSE Teacher's Manual
  • Facility to add alternative for individual students per schools requisite
  • Converts Marks to grades with just one click of a button